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Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman, the only living Taxidermist in a population of 4.2 million in Peshawar

Peshawar: There is no doubt that no human can give life to the deceased animals but the art and the handsome hands of a taxidermist can surely bring life to a dead body of any animal. The art of portraying dead pets in a life look state and the process of preserving the hunted animals is called the art of taxidermy. This strangely beguiling art is used to memorialize pets and preserving of an animal body for the purpose of display. It can be said that a taxidermist has ability to put a new spirit into the body of a dead…

Main suspect in Baldia factory fire arrested from Bangkok

BANGKOK: Interpol and local police arrested prime suspect in the Baldia Factory Fire Case Abdul Rehman alias Bhola from a hotel in Thailand's capital Bangkok, ARY News reported on Saturday. According to sources, Bangkok Police and Interpol raided Royal Garden Hotel and arrested Rehman. He is accused of setting fire to a garments factory Ali Enterprises in Baldia Town area of Karachi over refusing extortion demand. The blaze had claimed the lives of at least 250 persons working in the factory. It should be noted that…