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Abused children carry the trauma in their cells: study

13 days ago
Children subjected to abuse may carry the physical hallmark of that trauma in their cells, scientists said Tuesday, in research that could help criminal investigations probing historic mistreatment. The imprints may also shed light on…

Pope says church shamed by ‘repugnant’ Irish abuse

1 month, 21 days ago
DUBLIN: Pope Francis marked the first papal visit to Ireland in 39 years by acknowledging that the failure of Church authorities to adequately address “repugnant” clerical child abuse crimes there remains a source of shame for the Catholic…

Catalogue of abuse: seeking justice for the Rohingya

2 months, 2 days ago
Cross-legged in a windowless, almost pitch-black bamboo shack, the investigator pressed record on a video camera and asked the young Rohingya woman to describe the night the Myanmar soldiers came. "They broke down our door. They took my…

Humanity imperiled by abuse of life-giving Nature: reports

6 months, 23 days ago
MEDELLÍN, Colombia: Humanity is risking its own well-being by over-harvesting and harming nature's bounty, said a comprehensive survey Friday that warned animal and plant species were in decline in every world region. Four mammoth…

Oscar-winning filmmaker Haggis accused of abusing four women

9 months, 9 days ago
NEW YORK: Oscar-winning Canadian filmmaker Paul Haggis is now accused of sexual abuse by four women, according to an amended civil suit filed on Friday in New York. Haggis, who wrote and produced "Crash," and penned the screenplay for…

Twitter toughens guidelines on harassment: report

11 months, 28 days ago
Twitter has toughened its stance on online sexual harassment and abuse, laying out stronger penalties for misconduct on the social media platform in an email to its Trust and Safety Council published by Wired late on Tuesday. Reuters was…

Anti-Muslim abuse alleged in death of US Marines recruit

11 months, 29 days ago
CHICAGO: The parents of a US Marines recruit who died during training have filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming their son was physically abused and targeted because of his Muslim faith. The military has said Raheel Siddiqui committed…