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10 Bollywood celebrities who made it big despite less education!

Education is seen as a necessity for securing good jobs and careers and success in life. However, there are many prominent actors in Bollywood who are either school and college dropouts. All of these celebrities are superstars today but are not so educated or qualified. Many of them had to dropout to pursue their dreams and climb the ladder to success. Here are 10 Bollywood stars who are less educated. Salman Khan Salman did his schooling from St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra, Mumbai along with his brothers…

Actors hail new filmmakers’ role in revival of Pakistan film industry

The silver screen artists hailed new film makers’ role for revival of local film industry. Actress Ayesha Omar has said that young filmmakers played important role for revival of Pakistani film industry. “Our filmmakers have produced excellent and quality projects,” she said in an interview to media. She said the induction of new television channels was good omen for artists because of that economic issues of artist were mostly settled. Pakistani model and actress Neelum Munir has said that Pakistan film industry…