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Nikki Haley opens up on rumors of Trump affair

UNITED NATIONS: US Ambassador Nikki Haley has slammed rumors that she was having an affair with President Donald Trump as "highly offensive" and "disgusting." The rumors stem from author Michael Wolff of the best-seller "Fire and Fury,"…

Man sues Uber for revealing affair to his wife

PARIS: Ride-hailing service Uber has been in the news of late – and not for good reasons all the time. In a latest controversy, a French businessman is suing the company after the app revealed his extra-marital affair to his wife. A…

Salman-Lulia already married in Romania?

As the Indian media keep sticking to alleged love affair of Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur, the Romanian media leading tabloid, Click, has already taken to addressing Iulia as "Doamna Khan" which translates as "royal Mrs Khan".