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Afghan army

Over 100 killed, wounded in Taliban attack on Afghan military base

MAZAR-I-SHARIF: More than 100 Afghan soldiers were killed and wounded in a coordinated Taliban attack on an army base in northern Afghanistan, the country's defence ministry said Saturday. It is the latest in a string of deadly assaults against Afghan military sites, which underscores rising insecurity as Afghanistan braces for an intense spring fighting season. The ministry did not give a breakdown of the casualties in the attack near Mazar-i-Sharif city on Friday, which lasted several hours and targeted soldiers at a…

Women in Afghan army overcome opposition, threats

KABUL: Kabul's military training academy is churning out classes of enthusiastic women to serve in Afghanistan's army, but the realities of rising violence and a conservative society make the future for the young recruits far from certain. Some of the nearly 150 women training to be officers in the latest class say they feel proud to be part of the effort to secure the country, still racked by an insurgency by the Taliban and other militants to topple the Western-backed government. "I decided to join the army to save…

Seven dead as Afghan army helicopter ‘shot down by Taliban’

KABUL: An Afghan army helicopter crashed in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing all seven people on board, the defence ministry said, citing technical failure.  But the Taliban claimed they shot down the M-17 helicopter in Baghlan province, as the insurgents step up attacks on government forces. "Around 4am, two M-17 helicopters were supplying a base in Qorghan Tepa of Baghlan, and one of them caught fire due to technical failure and crashed," the defence ministry said in a statement. "Four crew members and three army…