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AHsan Khan

Ahsan Khan says media kept the Zainab case alive

KARACHI: As a headway was made in the rape and murder of minor girl Zainab in Kasur and the main suspect was apprehended, actor Ahsan Khan said the case would have joined countless unsolved ones if the media had not raised its voice. Speaking to ARY news, the actor thanked the media for raising their voice as the case would have been sidelined otherwise, and the failure to apprehend perpetrators of such crimes also gives further impetus to such incidents. He said the several sections of the civil society and the…

In pictures: 15 Pakistani celebrities with their families

The glamorous portfolios of our favourite celebrities are never hard to scour in the digital world. However, it takes more effort, often in vain, to find rare pictures of stars with their families or their off-screen life. We take a look at snaps of some of top Pakistani celebrities with their families – that will fascinate any showbiz fan. 1- Fawad Khan with his family 2- Ahsan Khan 3- Ahmed Ali Butt with family 4- Aamina Sheikh…