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Air force Drills

China says air force drills with Pakistan deter terrorists

BEIJING: The air forces of China and Pakistan have deterred terrorist forces with joint training exercises in northwest China, a senior military officer of China said. The drills maintain national security and protect people of the two countries, Zhan Houshun, air force commander of the Western Theater Command, said at the close of the exercises, reported the state-run wire service APP. “Shaheen VI” began on Sept. 7 and has been fully open to media for the first time. China dispatched J-11 fighters, JH-7…

China says nothing will stop its long-range air force drills

BEIJING: No amount of interference or shadowing of its aircraft will stop the Chinese air force from carrying out long-range drills, the defense ministry said, announcing another round of exercises of the type that have unnerved Taiwan and Japan. The air force carried out further long-range exercises on Thursday, the ministry said late that same day, without giving details of where they happened. Japan said it was concerned about bombers flying close to its territory. Such “normal” drills accord with international law…