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Al-Azhar says all sexual harassment ‘forbidden’

CAIRO: Egypt's highest Sunni Muslim authority has said there can be no justification for sexual harassment, in a country where many people often blame women themselves for the widespread problems they face. In a statement Al-Azhar blasted all forms of harassment as "a forbidden act and deviant behaviour" and said "the one who carries it out is a sinner". "Criminalising sexual harassment must be absolute and free from any condition or context," the statement released Monday said. "Justifying sexual harassment with the…

Al-Azhar hosting Muslim, Christian co-existence meeting

Top Muslim and Christian clerics from the Middle East gathered in Cairo on Tuesday for a two-day conference on promoting co-existence, as sectarian conflict continues to ravage the region. The "Freedom and Citizenship" conference is hosted by Al-Azhar, one of the leading Sunni Muslim authorities based in Cairo. It comes as Coptic Christians in Egypt's Sinai flee attacks by Islamic State group militants who are waging an insurgency in the peninsula. "Exonerating religions from terrorism no longer suffices in the…