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New Prince music released a year after musician’s death

A set of previously unreleased tracks by Prince are going on sale to mark the one-year anniversary of the musician's death. One, "Deliverance," was put on iTunes and Apple Music on Tuesday. Five other tracks will be released on Friday and a disc version will be released on June 2. The overall EP, entitled "Deliverance", features six songs recorded by Prince between 2006 and 2008 with fellow musician Ian Boxill, who spent the last year completing the compositions, arrangements and production, independent record company…

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ tops record 33 million sales mark

LOS ANGELES: Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the biggest album in history, on Thursday notched up another mark as it was certified as selling 33 million copies in the United States. The Recording Industry Association of America gave the new sales total for the 1982 work one year after the group started to factor in streaming. "Thriller" -- which produced all-time hits such as "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" -- appears unlikely to lose its crown of top-selling album anytime soon. The album came out in a golden age…