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alec baldwin

Trump criticizes actor Alec Baldwin over ‘agony’ remarks

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump on Friday attacked actor Alec Baldwin, who lampoons him mercilessly on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live." Baldwin said in an interview Thursday with The Hollywood reporter that it was "agony" to impersonate Trump. "Every time I do it now, it's like agony. Agony. I can't," Baldwin said. Trump fired back early Friday in a tweet in which he mispelled the actor's first name -- writing 'Alex' -- and mispelled the word dying as "dieing." He later corrected both mistakes. "Alec…

Hilarious video shows what Trump would do if aliens attack US

A clip from popular comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' is going viral for a reason.  The clip shows how United States president Donald Trump would react if aliens attack the country under his presidency. the 5 minute 22 seconds video mocks everything related to Trump, from his obsession with reality TV, Arnold Schwarzenegger, his anti-immigrant policies, his hate for the mainstream media, and his alleged treatment of sensitive issues with insensitivity. A military officer played by the cast member Kenan Thompson…

US TV comedy skewers Clinton-Trump debate

Live from New York, it's ... Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump sniffing and spouting off words like "yuuge" and "Ji-na" in a parody of the US presidential candidate's debate. Baldwin delivered in his new role as Trump as the popular "Saturday Night Live" comedy show began its new season. Sporting wavy blonde hair, an orange spray-tan and a lip-puckering scowl, Baldwin skewered the Republican presidential candidate's debate performance at Monday at Hofstra University. "Our jobs are fleeing this country. They're going to…