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This Thai village is using poop to power homes

Nestled in a deep pocket of forest that lies off Thailand's electrical grid, villagers in Pa Deng have become early adopters and evangelists for an unusual alternative energy source: poop. After successfully lighting up their homes with…

Clairvius is a real ‘Dead Man Walking’

We have often heard stories of people claiming to come alive again after their death, stories of people turning to zombies, but this is one story which you can’t just call fiction. A Haitian man Clairvius Narcisse claimed that he was…

Was the Pied Piper of Hamelin real ???????

It is a folktale known to most people — the story of a man dressed in multi-color (“pied”) clothes who agreed to remove an infestation of rats from the German village of Hamelin and, after not being paid for his services, lured the children…

Five Shocking Facts about Dreams

Almost everyone is at least slightly interested in the mystery dreams hold. Some enjoy reading about this stuff more than others, while some people become obsessed and try to look for a message in every single dream that they can remember.

Five Amazing Facts about Brain

The brain is definitely the most complex organ in our body, and it is very hard to understand. By now, we have most of it figured out when it comes to this organ. Yet, there is so much information surrounding it that a person always gets…