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Half of Americans trying to lose weight: study

3 months, 4 days ago
WASHINGTON: Half of the adults in the United States are trying to lose weight, according to a study published Thursday, with more women than men seeking to shed a few pounds. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey,…

Most Americans don’t trust Facebook: poll

6 months, 22 days ago
SAN FRANCISCO: Opinion polls published on Sunday in the United States and Germany cast doubt over the level of trust people have in Facebook over privacy, as the firm ran advertisements in British and U.S. newspapers apologising to users.…

Most Americans ‘don’t want’ Oprah to run for president

9 months, 5 days ago
LOS ANGELES: Americans may love Oprah Winfrey, but most don't want the chat show queen to run for president, although if she did she would beat Donald Trump, a poll revealed on Friday. Winfrey's rousing speech at Sunday's Golden Globe…

US urges citizens to ‘reconsider travel plans’ to Pakistan

9 months, 6 days ago
WASHINGTON: The United States unveiled a way to warn its citizens about the dangers of foreign travel Wednesday, with a four-point safety ranking system for countries and an interactive world map. Ten war zones and failed states are…