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Gaza amputees tackle new challenge on the football pitch

In fluorescent orange jerseys, footballers manoeuvred across the artificial turf of a pitch in the Gaza Strip -- leaning on their metal crutches for support. "Today I can continue to play football," said Islam Amum, 27. He used to be a goalkeeper, until he lost a leg in an Israeli air strike during the 2014 Gaza war. Amum is one of 15 members of the only amputee football squad in the Gaza Strip. Aged from 16 to 40, they train every Monday afternoon in Deir el-Balah, in the centre of the coastal enclave. Read More:…

Computer games relieve phantom limb pain: study

PARIS: Amputees who played computer games using a virtual, on-screen arm, experienced relief from the phantom pain that often afflicts people who have lost a limb, scientists said Friday. Fourteen amputees who took part in a trial reported dramatic pain reduction after 12 sessions which saw them "using" their missing arm in virtual reality. Patients reported a near 50-percent reduction in pain duration, frequency and intensity, according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal. "The results from our study…