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Animal Sacrifices

Sri Lanka to ban animal sacrifices at Hindu temples

COLOMBO: Animal sacrifices at Hindu temples could be banned in Sri Lanka under new plans announced Wednesday, after growing protests over the rituals from the country's Buddhist majority as well as moderate Hindus. The cabinet approved a proposal put forward by the Hindu Religious Affairs minister to outlaw the ancient practice that is still observed at several temples across the country. "The legal draughtsman was asked to prepare a bill to ban animal and bird sacrifices at Hindu temples," the government said in a…

Eid-ul-Azha celebrations, animal sacrifices continue on second day

KARACHI: Eid-ul-Azha celebrations continued on Sunday for second day across the country as many people are sacrificing animals today, ARY News reported. The faithful are slaughtering their sacrificial animals in remembrance of Sunnat-e Ibrahimi which will continue for tomorrow (third day of Eid-ul-Azha). Also known as the Feast of Sacrifice is one of two Eid festivals observed by the Muslim faithful to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his own son to God. Traditionally marked by the slaughter of…