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anti terror

French MPs adopt tough anti-terror law

PARIS: France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a new counter-terrorism bill on Tuesday, making permanent several controversial measures in place under a nearly two-year-old state of emergency. The law was approved by 415 votes to 127, with 19 abstentions. It has encountered little resistance from a public traumatised by a string of militant attacks, despite criticism that it will undermine civil liberties. The vote comes just two days after more bloodshed, with a suspected radical stabbing two…

Italy anti-terror expulsions top 200

ROME: Italy on Saturday announced the deportation of two Moroccans and a Syrian suspected of extremist sympathies, lifting to 202 the number of such orders since January 2015. Such expulsion orders, with no option for appeal, are one of the main planks of Italy’s strategy for preventing the kind of militant attacks suffered by other European countries. The latest suspects to be kicked out included a 38-year-old Moroccan who was said to have been radicalized while in prison for minor crimes. His status was bumped…

Oman joins Saudi ‘anti-terror’ coalition

SANA'A: Oman, which generally stays neutral in the face of regional disputes, has joined a Saudi-led military coalition aimed at "fighting terrorism," official media in Riyadh said Thursday. The Gulf sultanate, which maintains good ties with rival powerhouses Iran and Saudi Arabia, becomes the 41st nation in the alliance announced last year by the Saudi defence minister, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The official SPA agency said Mohammed received a message from his Omani counterpart praising Saudi efforts in…