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Arab Israelis

Arab Israelis rally against Jewish nation-state law

TEL AVIV: Tens of thousands of Arab Israelis and their supporters chanted against "apartheid" and for "equality" on Saturday in central Tel Aviv at a rally protesting a law that declares Israel the nation state of the Jewish people. Israeli Jews also joined the demonstration, the second since last Saturday, when thousands from Israel's Druze minority took to the streets in Tel Aviv to denounce the law they say makes them second-class citizens, AFP reporters said. Protesters waved Palestinian and Israeli flags at the…

Thousands of Arab Israelis protest against Israel’s anti-azaan bills

KABUL, Israel: Thousands of Arab Israelis┬ástaged a protest march Saturday in northern Israel against legislation aimed at silencing mosque loudspeakers, an AFP reporter said. Some three thousand men and women marched through the town of Kabul, holding Palestinian flags and signs saying "The muezzin law won't pass" or "Don't silence the muezzin", chanting against the legislation and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel's parliament on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to two controversial bills that would limit…