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Was the Pied Piper of Hamelin real ???????

It is a folktale known to most people — the story of a man dressed in multi-color (“pied”) clothes who agreed to remove an infestation of rats from the German village of Hamelin and, after not being paid for his services, lured the children out of the village as revenge.

Five best places for Christmas celebrations

Christmas is that time of the year when every city around the world gets dressed up for the biggest holidays of the year. Families visit different cities on Christmas holidays to enjoy the celebrations. Here are the few cities which celebrate the best Christmas around the world.

Five Celebrities Who Stammer

Stuttering (stammering) is not a medical condition that puts anyone’s life in jeopardy, but it’s a condition that can have a profound effect on someone’s life by causing embarrassment, low self-esteem and other anguish.