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Astola Island

‘Astola Island’: A hidden paradise of Pakistan

Travelling hours to catch a spectacle of a miraculous natural beauty fades away all your tiredness at the first sight but it is not every 'tourist destination' that you can call naturally captivating. Astola Island in Balochistan is, however, an exception to say the least. Jezira Haft Talar (Island of Seven Hills), Astola Island, is one of the many hidden gems in Balochistan, Pakistan. Astola Island is around forty miles off the coast of the fishing town, Pasni. The only way to reach this mysterious-yet-charming place,…

Astola Island declared as Pakistan’s first marine protected area

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has declared the largest offshore island, Jazira Haft Talar, better known as Astola Islanadas a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in a historical first. The declaration of MPAs is an international obligation of Pakistan under the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Aichi Biodiversity (ABD) Target No. 11 agreed in 2010 which call on member countries to declare at least ten percent of their coastal and marine areas as MPAs, especially the areas of biodiversity significance. The process to notify…