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Population sector needs immediate attention for economic growth: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday said the unchecked population growth was a major challenge in ensuring sustainable growth and needed greater investment. "The growth needs immediate attention of provincial governments and there is need for enhancing access and quality of service delivery in the sector especially for the people of far-flung areas," he said while talking to a delegation of Population Council in Islamabad. He also stressed for integrating these programs with health service…

Smartphones might give your child a short attention span: study

Parents who turn to smartphones and tablets to break up the tedium of caring for an infant around the clock may be teaching their babies to have a short attention span, a small study suggests. That’s because when parents stop focusing on playtime with their baby to concentrate on other things like tiny screens, their infants may mimic this behavior by also focusing on toys and other objects for shorter periods of time. In other words, babies learn to focus better when their parents aren’t distracted, said lead study author…