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Man kills four minor children near Gujrat town

GUJRAT: A stone-hearted man allegedly killed his four minor children in a village near the town of Sarai Alamgir located in Gujrat district, ARY News reported on Monday. Muhammad Ayub, 50, reportedly locked his children in a room and…

WATCH: This hair-stylist uses an axe to style hair

MOSCOW: Hair-stylists are now these days now employing risky methods for the job as a hair-dresser has emerged from Russia who uses an axe in novel treatment of his clients. Recently, a hair-stylist from Pakistan made headlines for using…

Few great street marketing campaigns

Brands need attention and to acquire it they use different strategies. Street marketing is a strategy advertisers use to grab the attention of people. They do their utmost effort to be creative enough so that they can attract people and…