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Ayushmann Khurrana

This Bollywood Actor’s Father predicted Imran Khan’s victory in 1992!

With Pakistan raving about Kaptaan's victory and ready to welcome his as the new Prime Minister of the nation, people around the world have joined in the celebrations and so has this Indian Actor! Ayushmaan Khurrana who is known to be quite popular among the youth has taken to Twitter to share his sentiments about Imran Khan's Victory. Ayushmann took to Twitter to share a moment he had with his father where Papa Khurrana told him right after the 1992 cricket world cup final that Imran will one day surely become…

Ayushmann Khurrana feels like a nutcase

"The jet lag of US trip is still alive. And I have to fly London tomorrow. Living out of a suitcase makes you a nutcase," Ayushmann posted on his Twitter page. There was news that Ayushmann's film project Hawaizada was stalled, but before heading out to New York he had clarified his stance, saying the movie is on. "To set the record straight Hawaizada is in no trouble. It's a beautiful film, close to my heart, waiting for the right time," he had tweeted Aug 14. Meanwhile, he is ready with his sixth single Mitti di…