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Sonu Nigam posts video of Azaan, sparks controversy once again

Indian singer Sonu Nigam has sparked a controversy once again by posting a two-minute video, ostensibly from his house, in which Azaan can be heard in low voice. This post seems an attempt to clear the air about perception people had created that he was against Muslim call of prayer after he had wrote a post on his social media account which hurt many and drew criticism from across the world. This time Hindu extremists have started taking Sonu to task for presumably supporting Azaan. Goodmorning India…

Israel lawmakers give initial approval to anti-azaan bills

JERUSALEM: Israel's parliament gave preliminary approval Wednesday to two controversial measures that would limit Azaan (calls to prayers from mosques), including one prohibiting the use of loudspeakers at all hours, after shouting matches between lawmakers. The bills -- the second of which would ban loudspeakers in urban areas between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am -- will eventually have to be reconciled, with three more readings required before they can become law. They were approved after a heated discussion that turned into…

WATCH: This flower blossoms on the call of Azaan

A western news channel grabbed a video which showed how a flower blossoming on the call of Azaan (prayer call). The video, captured by CNN, shows a yellow coloured flower blossoming as the Moazzin is calling out the Azaan. The flower belonged to an Azeri florist Mammad Rahim Eladarov, who has been collecting flowers for the past 15 years. The video shows that hearing Azaan- the Muslim call for prayers- not only heals the human soul but gets response from the nature as well. This is a prime example of science…