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Israel President opposes anti-Azan bill

JERUSALEM: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke out Tuesday against a controversial bill that would prohibit mosques from using loudspeakers for Azan (a call to summon believers to prayers) early in the morning. The draft law, which sparked outrage around the Arab and wider Muslim world, is set to be submitted to its first reading in parliament on Wednesday. Its original form was amended last week to not affect the sirens that announce the start of the Jewish day of rest at sundown each Friday. Rivlin on Tuesday…

Israeli Arabs, Gazans protest against anti-Azan bill

JERUSALEM: Hundreds of Muslims in Israel and the Gaza Strip demonstrated on Friday against a bill to limit the volume of Azan (calls to prayer at mosques) in the state occupied by Jews. In the southern city of Rahat, 100 Israeli Arabs held a rally against the bill, while more than 500 people took part in various demonstrations in the north, police said. In the northern city of Jisr a-Zarqa, lawmaker Ahmed Tibi of the Arab Joint List called the legislation "a provocation and act of coercion in the place of dialogue and…