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Teething medicines unsafe for babies

4 months, 7 days ago
WASHINGTON :  Federal health officials are warning parents about the dangers of teething remedies that contain a popular numbing ingredient. The Food and Drug Administration is asking manufacturers to stop selling their products intended…

Babies’ bodies found in bottles in house in Japan: media

7 months, 6 days ago
TOKYO: Termite exterminators working on a house renovation in the Japanese capital uncovered the bodies of several babies preserved in bottles, some with umbilical cords still attached, Kyodo news agency said on Monday. Three or four such…

Pakistan has worst newborn mortality rate: UNICEF report

7 months, 26 days ago
WASHINGTON: Babies born in the world's poorest countries, most of them in Africa, still face "alarming" risks of death that can be 50 times as high as those in the richest countries. A baby born in Pakistan -- the country with the worst…

French mother confesses to killing five babies

10 months, 18 days ago
PARIS: A French mother was charged on Thursday with murdering five of her babies in a case solved by DNA evidence obtained years later after a brawl between neighbours. Fourteen years after the bodies of four of the babies were found in…

Conjoined babies separated through simple surgery

1 year, 2 months ago
Two babies who were conjoined by their heads have successfully been separated through a surgery in Moscow. At first doctors believed it to be a complicated surgery as they thought the babies’ heads were joined at skull, but then they…

How touch can shape babies’ brain development

1 year, 6 months ago
For newborns, skin-to-skin contact with parents and caregivers may help shape how their brains respond to touch, a sense necessary for social and emotional connections, a new study suggests. Plenty of previous research has linked…

Canadian woman found guilty of hiding six baby burials

1 year, 8 months ago
WINNIPEG: A Canadian woman was found guilty Monday of intentionally hiding in a storage locker the remains of six babies to whom she gave birth. The 42-year-old Winnipeg woman refused to submit to a DNA test, but investigating police…