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Babri mosque

On December 6 1952, an extremist Hindu group attacked Babri Mosque which was constructed in 1527 by Mughal Emperor zaheer-uddin babar in Ayodhya City a district of Uttar Pradesh. The extremist Hindu group belief  that the Mosque was situated on the birth place of Lord Ram.

In 1859, the British empire has divided the place into two different places. The internal areas was designated for muslims whereas the other area was for Hindus. A statue founded In 1949 from the internal area was the main cause to dispute to be raised in both sides.

Due to these disputes the government of india closed the doors of the mosque, internal area designated for the Muslims. Later in 1984 these Hindu extremist group with the help of political supported started a campaign for the construction of Lord Ram temple. Later this campaign was backed and leaded by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Lal Krishna Advani.

Later on 1986, District session court judge announced to reopen the gates and let hindus to start their prayers in the internal area also. In 1991 BJP got the victory in elections and made their government in Uttar Pradesh a year later in 1992 thousands of Hindu extremist attacked the Babri Mosque and demolished (Shaheed) the whole mosque.

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