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Bagram Airfield

Allies do not put each other on notice: Pakistan reacts to Pence’s statement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has reacted to United States Vice President Mike Pence's statement against Pakistan at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, saying that allies do not put each other on notice. Foreign Office spokesperson commented and said that the statement is at variance with the extensive conversations held with the US administration. "Allies do not put each other on notice. On notice should be those factors responsible for exponential increase in drug production, expansion of ungoverned spaces, industrial scale…

Taliban claims explosion at NATO air base in Afghanistan killing four

KABUL: The Taliban claimed responsibility for an explosion at the NATO air base at Bagram north of the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday which officials said killed at least four people and wounded 14. "On November 12, an explosive device was detonated on Bagram Airfield resulting in multiple casualties," the NATO-led Resolute Support mission said in a statement, adding that four people died and approximately 14 were injured. "Response teams at Bagram continue to treat the wounded and investigate the incident," the…