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Five healthy ways to overcome baldness

While many of you don't think highly of these edible products - you will be surprised to know that these readily available food items are the perfect cure to fight baldness. Many of you are still worried about the loss of excessive hair. If you don't want to undergo an expensive hair fall treatment and still want to reverse your hair loss, here's some help. Here is a list of 5 superfoods which are easily available and can prevent you from losing hair further and may even reverse balding to some extent, at least in some…

Japanese men hold competition to celebrate baldness

TSURUTA CITY, Japan: More than 30 bald men gathered at a hot spring facility in Tsuruta City, Japan, on Wednesday to show off their hairless heads and have fun. Members of the city's Bald Men Club took turns competing in a unique game of tug-of-war by sticking a suction cup, which is attached to a single red rope, to each of their heads. Both sides then attempt to pull the cup off of their opponent's head. "My head still hurts," Toshiyuki Ogasawara, 43, said with a smile. "I think I need to ice it!" Masatomo…