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Real Life UP? British balloon adventurer soars high above South Africa

South African people found a bizarre thing flying in the air and it was neither a bird nor an aircraft. It was a man, Tom Morgan, from the United Kingdom's industrial city Bristol who took to the skies near Johannesburg. Sitting on a camping chair tied with 100 helium-filled party balloons, the daredevil flew 15 miles (24km) in two hours, reaching an altitude of 8,300 feet (2,530 metres). The flight reminded many of Disney flick UP! Describing his experience, Morgan said: "It was a fairly indescribable feeling,…

Balloons with ‘I love Pakistan’ seized from Indian shop

KANPUR, INDIA: Indian police on Thursday confiscated balloons with 'I love Pakistan' imprinted on them at a shop in Kanpur and detained two people. Indian police raided a shop in Govind Nagar area in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and seized packets of balloons from a vendor.  The balloons had imprints of 'I Love Pakistan' and 'Habibi', which means love or darling in Arabic. The balloons were sold from a provision store near the police station, Station House Officer Amit Singh said. A police complaint has been registered for…

Global helium supplies balloon

PARIS: World supplies of helium, the gas that makes your voice squeaky, may be on the ascent after scientists and a Norway-based exploration firm this week hailed a huge find of the rare element in Tanzania as a potential game changer.