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Fruit seller whose bananas were looted by protesters gets compensation

SHEIKHUPURA: The government on Saturday paid a compensation of Rs10,000 to a fruit seller whose bananas were looted by people protesting over Aasia Bibi’s acquittal in a blasphemy case in Sheikhupura.  Assistant Commissioner Sheikhupura Fazail Mudassir reached the residence of five-year old Muhammad Mohsin and handed him the compensation. A day earlier, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry asked the Punjab government to compensate the fruit seller whose cart was attacked by mobsters. According to…

Spain’s police seize massive cocaine haul in banana cargo

MADRID: Spanish police said Thursday they had seized over six tonnes of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bananas and arrested 16 suspects, some of them wanted in the Netherlands. The police raid in the southern port of Malaga also netted cash, weapons and luxury vehicles. The operation broke up a trafficking ring made up of well-known Dutch criminals based on Spain's Costa del Sol, police said in a statement. They had specialised in smuggling cocaine into Spain and the Netherlands. "Some were considered priority…

Know the right time for consuming these nutritious foods

God has enriched foods with different nutrition to fulfill requirements of our bodily need, but in order to yield positive results from these one must consume foods at the time it will profit the most. Nutritionists have recommended that following timings are appropriate for taken certain healthy foods. Take a look! Potato Potatoes are higher in calories and very good source of starch, vitamin B6, potassium, copper, dietary fiber, manganese and other minerals. √ Potatoes are good for eating in breakfast.…

Get acquainted with what banana does to your health!

Banana is not just a yummy edible item that should be consumed on a daily basis merely for its scrumptious and sumptuous taste but it is a full pack of nutrition as well. Read on to know more benefits that you derive every time you peel a banana and start eating it. It is a fruit which a toddler and old man at the same time can enjoy savoring its rich taste. Though there are numerous health benefits associated with a banana diet, but we have chosen few of them for you to get acquainted! Banana does your heart good!…

6 foods known for their healing properties

We usually go to doctor whenever we want to fight fatigue or recover from illness. Today we have discovered some foods that are known for their powerful healing properties and will save on your doctor's fee. From easing nausea to protecting you from kidney stones, these foods are best medication for several ailments. Here is the list of six foods that gives you great health benefits with their sweet taste.

7 foods for better sleep

We often feel sleepless and at times it takes a real effort to fall asleep that we go for pills. Instead of opting for extreme measures like pills we should only change our bed time snacks to the foods that have sleep-enhancing properties. Here is the list of foods that help you have better sleep.

5 brain-boosting Snacks

Sometimes our brain cant focus on anything, we feel so lost that we can’t even brainstorm about any idea or jot it down when we are asked to do so. At that time you need nothing but an instant snack to boost your brain, here are few snacks that will light your head up again when you feel lack of inspiration.