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VIDEO: Rare two-headed turtle born in Thailand

BANGKOK: A baby turtle born with two heads in Thailand is capturing attention of people who happen to live in the surrounding alongside thousands others on the internet. Nong Somjai of Nonthaburi shared a video of the 3-month old slider…

Walkies! Big dogs and small join Bangkok fun run

BANGKOK: From tiny chihuahuas to 60 kg (130 lb) mastiffs, hundreds of dogs and their owners join Bangkok fun run in a park on Sunday to raise money for charity. Nobody was racing against the clock at the "Maa-Rathon" - maa is Thai for…

Snap! Selfie-seeking tourist bitten by Thai crocodile

BANGKOK: A French tourist was bitten by a crocodile inside a Thai national park as she tried to get close to the fearsome animal to take a selfie, an official said on Monday. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in Khao Yai, a…