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VIDEO: World’s first flying bathtub drone is here and it’s amazing!

Aviation technology has evolved ‘magically’ now. Two German brothers have created a flying drone in a bathtub and it is creating an internet stir. It's remote-controlled and uses the same technology as common drones. The brothers flew it around in a gym with a pilot inside. They needed permission from the German government to build it. The bathtub has to be flown at a height lower than 30 metres, which is why the project was approved. The brothers are also known as The Real Life Guys on social media. They started…

British teens drink a ‘bathtub’ of sugary drinks a year: researchers

LONDON: British teenagers drink almost a bathtub full of sugary drinks each year, Cancer Research UK said on Tuesday as the charity urged the government to do more to improve children's diets. Children aged 11 to 18 consume on average 234 cans of sugar-sweetened soft drinks each year, CRUK said. The figure amounts to almost a bath full and is more than double the figure for children aged between four and 10, whose average annual intake is 110 cans. The data stems from a recent report carried out by the government's…