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Animated film to spotlight bear that served in WWII

WARSAW, Poland: During World War II, Wojciech Narebski and his fellow Polish servicemen had to lift crate after heavy metal crate of artillery. Fortunately for them, one of the soldiers had superhuman strength: Corporal Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear. "When he saw that we were struggling, he'd want to help... He'd come over, grab a crate and carry it to the truck," Narebski, now 93, told AFP of his days with Wojtek in the 22nd Artillery Supply Company. This can be heavy work, even for a bear. When Wojtek got tired, he…

Three photographers risk life to take close shot of bear

For wildlife photographers, clicking ‘perfect’ shots requires risking everything and that could cost your life too. But three such photographers in Alaska captured a giant bear in a close-up so courageously without inviting rage of the beast. They US photgraphers got up close and personal with a large 500lb Kodiak brown bear and her three cubs during a 10-day camping trip in Hallo Bay, Alaska. The photos, captured by Rick Beldegreen from North Carolina, show the trio at one point a mere 10 feet from the large beast who…

WATCH: Bear rides in motorcycle sidecar in viral video

MOSCOW: A video of a bear has surfaced online in which bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar further shocked onlookers by playing a horn while stopped at a light. A video posted Wednesday to YouTube by Niks Leonenko shows what he described as a "bear in Russian traffic," specifically a large bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar. The video, filmed from a vehicle that pulled up alongside the motorcycle, shows the occupants of the car conversing with the motorcycle driver when the vehicles stop at a light. The driver…

WATCH: Construction workers get ‘horrible surprise’ while digging

ANKARA: Laborers digging up a cesspit got an unusual surprise, prompting them to halt the activity for a few moments. According to local news outlets in Turkey, the team were digging near a chicken production plant and had begun to smash into the cesspit. But as they began to make holes in the structure, a strange claw could be seen scrabbling at the hole. As the workers continued to dig and the hole got bigger, it became clear a huge grizzly bear was lurking in the pit. It is believed the bear got stuck…

Top 10 viral videos of 2015

Some of the most incredible videos surfaced in 2015 on television and social media and we were lucky enough to see them. These were the ten of the videos which went the most viral this year.