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beat up

Woman beats up husband for forgetting wedding anniversary – gets arrested

FLORIDA: A US woman has been arrested after she was accused of attacking her husband when he forgot their wedding anniversary. Carol Stone, 35, was detained Wednesday by the Pasco Sheriff's Office after allegedly 'smacking' her husband 'multiple times' on his head and face, according to Fox News. Police said her husband recorded the assault on his cell phone and has handed it over to deputies. Stone later confirmed to police that she carried out the attack because her husband forgot their special day. Police…

VIDEO: Man brutally beats up dog for not learning ‘ABCD’

A video, a disturbing one indeed, of a man continuously beating a dog is going viral. The clip, which started doing the rounds of the Internet recently, shows the man senselessly insisting on teaching the dog the alphabet, while it obviously refuses to pay attention. As a response, he keeps slapping the animal unnecessarily until it rescues itself from his clutches. The barely 30-second video ends with the sound of the chuckle of the man shooting the video watching their ‘fun game’. Although many copies of the clip…