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Donkeys having a hard time in Karachi – another one ‘beaten’, injured

KARACHI: Electioneering is intensifying as polls are just a week away, but a dangerous yet weird trend is cropping up in form of 'torturing of donkeys' with a political aim. A picture of a donkey went viral on the social media two days ago, showing him badly bruised after he was reportedly beaten by political activists to offend a rival party. They wrote a name of a rival political leader on the donkey and thrashed him ruthlessly. Outpouring of condemnations ensued on Twitter and Facebook against people who tortured the…

Notorious Gullu Butt beaten by public

LAHORE: Incensed lawyers and citizens assaulted Gullu Butt, the man who had mercilessly vandalized public property and vehicles during police-PAT clash on Tuesday, when he was brought to a local court, ARY News reported Thursday. Enraged protesters collared Gullu when was brought by the police at the LHC for remand and assaulted him. Police intervened but citizens had already penetrated the security layer and got the hold of Gullu to vent their anger. Sensing the situation, police moved him towards a nearby rickshaw and…