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Big upset for PML-N as eight lawmakers from south Punjab part ways

LAHORE: Eight members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday announced to dissociate with the ruling party and form 'Junubi Punjab Sooba Muhaz' party demanding to give south Punjab a status of a separate province, ARY News reported. This announcement comes at a time when the PML-N government finds itself facing multiple crises. The process of dismemberment in the PML-N has expedited as angry members of the governing party from south Punjab in a press conference announced dissociation from the party. They…

Big pharma, big data: why drugmakers want your health records

LONDON: Drugmakers are racing to scoop up patient health records and strike deals with technology companies as big data analytics start to unlock a trove of information about how medicines perform in the real world. Studying such real-world evidence offers manufacturers a powerful tool to prove the value of their drugs - something Roche aims to leverage, for example, with last month’s $2 billion purchase of Flatiron Health. Real-world evidence involves collecting data outside traditional randomized clinical trials, the…

Big, bold and bright: London muralist fetes immigration

LONDON: Spray can in hand perched halfway up a ladder, Neequaye Dreph Dsane applied the final touches of colour to his latest mural enlivening an otherwise drab side street in east London. The once-dingy area is now a hipster hangout and home to the second in a series of new portraits by the British-Ghanaian artist, known as Dreph. His mission: to paint a positive picture -- literally -- of immigrants in Britain, in an era when he feels they are increasingly maligned by gentrification, Brexit and the rise of nationalism.…