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US wasted billions in failed Afghan stabilization efforts: official

KABUL: The United States wasted billions of dollars trying to stabilize fragile parts of Afghanistan from 2001-2017 and some efforts caused more harm than good, a US government watchdog said Thursday. A report by the office of the Special Inspector for Afghanistan Reconstruction found that Washington had set unrealistic expectations for itself after the US-led invasion in 2001 and overestimated its ability to build and reform government institutions. "Despite some heroic efforts to stabilize insecure and contested…

361 killed, billions of rupees robbed/ stolen in Karachi this year: CPLC

KARACHI: At least 361 people have been killed, while valuables and cash worth billions of rupees were robbed/ stolen this year in Karachi, revealed a Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) report on the crimes committed in the last 11 months. The report said 28,000 people were stripped of their mobile phones. A total worth of these handsets makes up to Rs280.8 million. 24,154 citizens lost their motor bikes, worth around Rs966.1 mn. While, 1,331 subjects were deprived of their vehicles, worth about Rs931.7 mn in the…