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Biotech firms race to recruit good bugs in war on cancer

Biotech companies are competing to develop medicines using “bugs as drugs” to fight cancer, building on the latest scientific findings that patients with high levels of good gut bacteria are more likely to respond to modern immunotherapy. Certain bacteria seem to help in cancer by priming immune cells and smoothing the path for immunotherapy drugs known as PD-1 drugs that work by taking the brakes off the immune system. Seres Therapeutics hopes to become the first company to leverage this discovery through a…

Biotech industry blasts ‘misguided’ Trump travel ban

PARIS: Bosses of more than 150 US biotech companies Tuesday criticised US President Donald Trump's travel ban against seven Muslim-majority countries, saying the sector stood to lose talented workers and its global dominance. The United States is the world's greatest developer of new medicines, a position reached by being able "to attract the best talent, wherever it is found," they wrote in a letter to science journal Nature Biotechnology. "At a stroke, the new administration has compromised years of investment…