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Man bites off snake’s head in ‘revenge attack’

LUCKNOW: A man in India bit off a snake’s head and chewed it before spitting it out, claiming that he did it for revenge after snake had bitten him. After biting the snake, the man, identified as Sonelal, fell unconscious and was rushed to a community health centre. The doctor, however, could not find any bite marks on him. According to medical officer Hitesh, “His neighbours claimed that Sonelal had been bitten by a snake. So, we started looking for bite marks but could not find any." “His nephew Nanhe said Sonelal…

Woman ‘bites’ waiter during fight over price of fish

MELBOURNE: A woman at a Chinese restaurant in Adelaide is facing legal inquiry after she entered an argument with a waiter and ended up allegedly biting him over price of fish. A fellow diner recorded the altercation at the Nice Fish Cafe on Gouger Street last June in a mobile video. The court heard Chungping Quan had ordered half a barramundi, but was told they only served the fish whole. After eating most of it, she argued over the bill and called police, throwing $26 - half the money owed - at staff. She…

Muslim world loses faith in US values as Trump visa ban bites

TEHRAN: Families split, a father unable to reach his son’s wedding and officials warning of a “gift to extremists” — President Donald Trump’s visa ban on seven Muslim countries has triggered shock and confusion. “There is mass hysteria among the Iranian-American community — that’s no exaggeration,” said Saam Borhani, an attorney in Los Angeles. He said clients were bombarding him with questions since Trump passed an executive order on Friday, suspending refugee arrivals and imposing tough controls on travellers from…

Israeli PM’s dog bites political visitors

JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recently adopted dog Kaiya has sunk her teeth into her new position, biting two visitors at an event on Wednesday, including the husband of the deputy foreign minister.