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VIDEO: “Turkish Hulk” shoves a car using bare hands

LONDON: A weightlifter "Turkish Hulk" in Britain came to his aunt's rescue by using his bare hands to shove a car that was blocking her driveway. Hakan Acar, aka "Tulk" -- sort for "Turkish Hulk" -- posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when his aunt's neighbor parked in front of her driveway, blocking her from exiting. Acar said the neighbor deliberately blocked the driveway as part of an ongoing parking dispute. The video shows Acar using his considerable strength to push the car out of the way. "If…

VIDEO: Bodybuilder slaps judge after losing competition

ATHENS: A bodybuilder lost his cool for losing a competition and slapped the respectable judge in the face. The competition was held in Greece. Giannis Magos thought the title was in the bag at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup after he was declared the winner of the 100kg division. Despite his high points tally, the athlete was not declared the overall winner of the competition. However, the athlete was not declared the overall winner and that certainly didn’t sit well with him. Footage has emerged online of the…