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Bollywood stars speak up in support of ‘Padmavati’

A lot of buzz has been going on all around Padmavati since Januray this year after Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted at the set of his movie. Following the incident the film crew has received serious threats from a group of Rajputs who want the flick to be released only after their consent. The fringe Rajput group has threatened that if they are not shown Padmavati movie before its release, they will burn the cinemas that screen the flick based on a true story of a Rajput queen and a Muslim king. Founder of…

Here’s what the top veteran Bollywood stars look like now

Life is mercilessly unpredictable and one begins to realize it with aging. Recent pictures of Bollywood veteran star Vinod Khanna in deteriorating health stunned the fans and even rumours began to spread of his passing. A picture of pale and frail looking Vinod assisted by his family recently surfaced online where the star looks unrecognizable from how every remembers him. Rumour has it that the veteran is suffering from bladder cancer; however, his family is being very tight-lipped about it. His son Rahul Khanna broke…