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Fashion and sport brands clash in luxury sneakers race

MILAN: What do you get when luxury fashion meets sport? $10,000 sneakers. High-end brands such as Kering’s Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga are increasingly looking to sneakers for growth, putting them in direct competition with sportswear giants like Nike, Puma and Adidas, and giving rise to ever-more striking and expensive designs. Luxury groups say they are now increasing investments and marketing budgets to face down their new opponents. “When I saw sneakers were going to be a thing, I fought it for a bit,”…

Eight bottled water brands declared unsafe

ISLAMABAD: At least eight brands of bottled water commonly available in markets across Pakistan have been declared unsafe for human consumption by the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR). The PCRWR has advised people to refrain from the brands that are: Edlen Premium, Aqua Fine, Pure Aqua, Livon, Zam, Aqua Gold, Pure 18, and Aab-e-Noor. They are found to be unsafe due to both chemical and microbiological contamination. The PCRWR quarterly reviews quality of bottled/mineral water brands and…