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Brazil president

‘Tropical Trump’ Bolsonaro elected Brazil president

Former army captain Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil on Sunday, promising a fundamental change in direction for the giant Latin American country, the latest to take a turn to the right. Despite repulsing many with his open support of the torture used by BrazilĀ“s former military regime, as well as remarks deemed misogynist, racist and homophobic, Bolsonaro managed to tap votersĀ“ deep anger with corruption, crime and economic malaise. Official results gave the controversial president-elect 55.13 percent of…

‘Ghosts’ drive Brazil’s president from residence: report

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil's President Michel Temer blames bad vibes and even ghosts for driving him from his sumptuous official residence in the capital Brasilia, a Brazilian news weekly reported Saturday. Temer surprised Brazilian politics watchers this week with the revelation that he has decamped from the Alvorada Palace and moved with his former beauty queen wife and their seven-year-old son down the road to the smaller vice presidential residence. The modernist Alvorada, which means Dawn and was designed by Brazilian…