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Home-made bricks for a habitat on Mars

PARIS: Scientists said Thursday that they have manufactured tiny bricks out of artificial Martian soil, anticipating the day when humans may construct colonies on the Red Planet. Remarkably, the technique requires only that the red-hued building blocks be compressed in a precise way -- no additives or baking required. "The people who will go to Mars will be incredibly brave, they will be pioneers and I would be honoured to be their brick maker," said Yu Qiao, a professor at the University of California San Diego and lead…

WATCH: This Pakistani man lifts bricks with his teeth

GUJRANWALA: A 23-year-old Pakistani man has become a social media sensation after his video of carrying up to eight bricks by mere his teeth went viral. Yes, you read it right, no hands, no support, but the young man, identified as Tahir hailing from Gujranwala, balances the bricks and smartly works through the bylanes of Rasool Nagar. His stunt has not only made him a superstar in his locality where he works as a labourer but also in virtual media. Recently, one of his friends uploaded a video that captured him in…