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Daring buffalo unleashes attack on herd-hunting lioness

JOHANNESBURG: Lion’s reign of terror in the jungle is common, but it becomes attention-seeking when jungle king is challenged by another wildlife predator. It happened when a lioness' attempt to hunt a herd of buffalo in South Africa was foiled when one of the animals turned on her and chased her away. A video filmed by a safari-goer in Kruger National Park shows the female lion sneaking up on the herd before they notice her and take off running. The lioness gives chase, but stops suddenly when a male buffalo…

Nausea alert: Shoppers sample burgers made of buffalo worms

AACHEN: Supermarket shoppers in the western German city of Aachen have stepped out of their comfort zone to sample insect burgers made of buffalo worms. The worms, highly nutritious due to their high protein content, are the larvae of buffalo beetles and are bred in the Netherlands. Served in rolls with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, they are being offered to customers at a supermarket in Aachen where they have just been added to the stock range after proving successful in the Netherlands and Belgium. One passerby…

VIDEO: Here’s what happened when a man tried to mess with buffalo

OKLAHOMA: A tourist captured a video at a wildlife refuge in Oklahoma when a man unwisely approaching a buffalo in a and getting charged by the animal when he came too close. The video, recorded by Danelia Zyks, shows a man sitting very close to a buffalo at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, located near Lawton. Zyks can be heard discussing with other witnesses that the man does not appear to know the area's wildlife rules and is risking injury or worse. The predictions prove prophetic when the buffalo charges…