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Bull Fighting

WATCH: Indian man’s attempt to stop bull fighting ends up shockingly

An Indian man, reportedly in an inebriated state, tempted his fate when he tried to stop bull fighting on a busy street. But his effort ended up in a shocking consequence. A video of a bizarre incident is going rounds on the internet and it was what shot just a few months back in Korba, Chhattisgarh. The clip shows that the man tried to settle a tussle between two bulls recklessly fighting on the street with onlookers crowding to see the strange sight. Terrifying video: ‘Angry’ bull tosses woman into the air in Gujarat…

Spain’s top court overturns bullfighting ban in Catalonia

MADRID: Spain's Constitutional Court on Thursday cancelled a bullfighting ban in Catalonia in what is likely to exacerbate tensions between Madrid and the separatist region, and drew an outcry from animal activists. The decision represents a significant victory for supporters of the centuries-old tradition who have long sparred with animal rights organisations that believe bullfighting is a cruel, anachronistic event. In a statement, the court argued bullfighting was classified as part of Spain's heritage, and therefore a…