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bullet proof cars

Another 41 vehicles including bullet-proof cars of PM House to be auctioned

ISLAMABAD: In continuation of its austerity drive, the government is set to auction off remaining 41 vehicles of the Prime Minister House in the next phase. The remaining vehicles also include a couple of bomb-proof cars. On Sep 18, 61 of the 102 luxury and surplus vehicles parked on the lawns of PM House were auctioned off at a ceremony attended by bidders. During the first phase, the vehicles that were auctioned off included eight BMWs, three cars of 2014 model and three 5000cc SUVs and two 3000cc SUVs of 2016…

Rising crime pushes bulletproof car production to record

MEXICO CITY: Historic levels of violent crime in Mexico have sparked a record increase in the country’s car-armoring business, with an industry group predicting a double-digit jump in the number of vehicles bulletproofed this year. There were more than 25,000 murders across Mexico last year, the highest annual tally since modern records began, government data show, with 2018 on track to be even worse. That insecurity will help drive a 10 percent rise in car-armoring services this year to 3,284 cars, above the previous…