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Burgers by candlelight: Trump lays out fast food for college football champs

WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump laid out a White House feast fit for a government shutdown on Monday: silver platters heaped high with McDonald’s quarter pounders and the red-and-white burger wrappers of Wendy’s. White House chefs normally would serve much fancier fare underneath the stern gaze of the portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the State Dining Room. But they are furloughed, staying home without paychecks as Trump fights with Congress over funding the federal government. The White House said Trump…

Students binged on pizzas and burgers to avoid military service in South Korea

SEOUL: Twelve students at a college in Seoul binged on pizza and hamburgers five times a day to deliberately gain weight and avoid military service. The men accused of trying to dodge the mandatory programme had all shared weight-gain strategies with one another via an online chat group, authorities claimed. In South Korea all able-bodied men must serve two years in the military before they turn 28 and must pass a fitness exam before enlisting. Military officials said the group intentionally gained weight to fail…

Here’s why you can’t stop eating burgers : Study

A recent study has come to light which shows that foods that combine fats and carbs appear to send the human brain haywire, creating rewards above and beyond what people get from foods that contain either ingredient alone. They think their experiment, using real-time brain scans, may help explain why so many of us are obese, and why we overeat even when we are not hungry. Modern processed foods like pizza, burgers and pasta with creamy sauces trigger our brains in ways that naturally foraged foods never could, they…