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Chinese burglars ‘foil’ their own robbery before it begins, video goes viral

SHANGHAI: A hilarious footage of an attempted robbery in Shanghai is going viral showing two masked robbers carrying bricks to break into the shop but their plan fails disastrously. A video, which has gone viral online, shows burglars wearing hoodies and trying to break in an area using objects that look like bricks. While the first person aims the object towards the target, the other unfortunately misses it and hits his partner instead. Realising the blunder, he then grabs his unconscious partner and drags him away.…

Karachi: Police arrest four suspects in crackdown on street criminals

KARACHI: In a crackdown against street criminals, police arrested four suspects during various raids in different parts of the city late Friday night, police said. Two alleged burglars affiliated to Taala Torr group were arrested in a pre-dawn raid, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Rao Anwar said. He said both men have been involved in scores of burglaries and other street crimes. The senior police officer also claimed to have recovered cutters and lock-breaking tools from their possession. However, no details…