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Traffic flow disrupts as water pipeline bursts near Karachi’s Central Jail

KARACHI: Traffic movement along one section at a busy University Road was disrupted after water pipeline burst near Central Jail flyover on Thursday morning. In addition, the pipeline failure has also led to forming a pothole on the road, making it difficult for the vehicles to pass through easily. The Karachi traffic police have advised motorists to exercise caution while driving on the specified road due to skidding wet surface due to pipeline burst. In August last year, supply to majority of the areas were…

Cruise ship becomes real-life Titanic after water pipe burst

NEW ORLEANS: Passengers at a cruise ship had a terrifying moment when it suddenly flooded with water in scenes reminiscent of the Titanic. Pictures and videos showed water streaming into corridors on board the Carnival Dream cruise liner in the Caribbean as 50 rooms were flooded. The flooding happened when the ship’s fire extinguishing system was breached, leaving many to be relocated to the boat’s on-board spa to sleep on yoga mats. A user posted photos and videos on Facebook when she had a ‘rare moment of…

WATCH: Huge water pipe explosion damages cars, smashes windows in Ukraine

KIEV: A huge explosion in Ukrainian capital Kiev sent scares among the residents, prompting them into panic about what actually happened. But moments later it transpired that an underground water pipeline burst. The CCTV footage shows the road shaking ominously followed by a blast and a shower of sludge. The surveillance video shows a woman, on her phone, walking on a pavement close to the site of the blast. It's not clear what happened to her as the camera blacks out. Footage from a CCTV camera placed further away…