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Iraq cafe marks 100 years as intellectual hub

BAGHDAD: Seated at tables with glasses of tea in the heart of Baghdad's bookshop district, the customers of Shabandar cafe have watched 100 years of Iraq's tumultuous history pass by. Since opening its doors a century ago, the establishment has become a hub of Baghdad's intellectual life, drawing poets and politicians to its wooden benches and photo-lined walls. "I've been coming here for the past 60 years," Abdel Fattah Al Noeimi, 77, says, dapper in his spotless brown suit and matching tie. "At nine in the…

WATCH: ‘Spooky’ footage shows restaurant furniture moving on its own

Spooky CCTV footage has emerged showing the furniture at a restaurant in California moving on its own in the dead of night. The footage shows a stool shake before tipping itself over in a completely empty bar. Two videos, one filmed after closing and another during business hours, were uploaded om the cafe's Facebook page shows the chairs tilt and topple without anyone going near them. Dave Foldes, co-owner of The Cronies Bar in Ventura, California, insisted that the videos were genuine and it was not a stunt. He…